Modele Salon

Modele Salon opened its doors in September 2005, with a team of fashionable, educated stylists. We opened Modele in the Historic downtown neighborhood of Oregon City, bringing an urban chic environment to the outlying Portland Communities which led us to this charming area.

Introducing... Cindra Davis

Hi pretties... we are starting a new blog series introducing each of our beautiful (and handsome) stylists! Starting out is the wonderful Cindra. Hopefully this helps you get to know each of us better!


When did you first decide you wanted to do hair? 

When I was 4, and cut my own hair behind the couch...haha, while that actually happened (more than once) - I knew I wanted to do hair when I was pretty young, my older sister always had a style of her own, whether it was color, cut or how she styled it that's what made me want to be able to play with hair for a living! 

What inspires the you?

Above all, my husband inspires me to be the best hair stylist and person I can be. People inspire me, I am always looking at everyone's hair to see what sparks something within me to create an idea for my clients' hair! There's nothing quite like going to get your hair done when you've had a rough day, or just aren't feeling great about your hair. I want nothing more than to make someone feel their best as they walk out of the salon!

What is your favorite hairstyle?

I'm a sucker for a beautiful bob. Everyone looks good in it and you can manipulate it to make it individual to each person. The possibilities are endless!  (It's also my favorite style to cut!)

What is your favorite styling tool?

I love a good flat iron, you can straighten hair out nice and smooth or put some wave into it with a flick of your wrist! 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  

In 10 years I hope to be a successful stylist who loves what she does, and still has the burning passion to make people feel good about themselves. Oh! And have a family ;)  

What is your favorite product?  

There's so many products!! It's hard to choose just one. I'd have to say right now, I love using the grooming cream and texture mixed together to bring out the crazy wave in my hair :)