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Modele Salon opened its doors in September 2005, with a team of fashionable, educated stylists. We opened Modele in the Historic downtown neighborhood of Oregon City, bringing an urban chic environment to the outlying Portland Communities which led us to this charming area.

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Hair Models

       So I bet all of you are just dying to know how my first graduated bob went, right?! ;)

       It went really well! I have decided that the thing that makes this cut tricky is that it has more steps to perform.  It also requires the stylist's precision and technique to be spot-on. However, these are all the things I love about the cut and the end result is such a fun twist on the classic bob!

       As I mentioned before in my previous posts, part of my job as Modele's apprentice is to bring hair models into the salon every week.  A hair model receives complimentary hair services in exchange for allowing this service to be performed in an instructional setting for the apprentice. The whole set-up is actually a win-win for everyone involved! The client receives services free of charge and the apprentice has the opportunity every week to continually practice. Classes are closely supervised by a senior stylist, most often Shawna or Shannon. So closely is the service supervised in fact, that multiple models have asked me if I ever get nervous with so many eyes watching and critiquing every cut! (The answer is no, we get pretty used to it.)  Models receive excellent cuts because the lesson is so hands-on and instructed extremely well.

        Models are needed every week at the salon. If you or anyone you know is interested in being  a hair model, please give our salon a call. We would love to have you come in! 


       Thanks for reading!


P.S. In case you have no clue what a graduated bob looks are a few of my favorites:)

So fun, right?!


A Note From...

Hey Everyone!

            This is Chelsea and for those of you I haven’t chatted with while washing your hair, I just wanted to introduce myself! I started in April of this year after right after I graduated from beauty school and I am currently working as the new apprentice.

            At any given time you can usually find me mixing bowls of color, washing client’s hair, sweeping, emptying the hair-filled vacuum canister (FYI- this is really my most dreaded task!), or cleaning up after the stylists. Shockingly, they do have the tendency of becoming amazingly messy when busy! In addition to helping out around the salon, I get to learn! Every Wednesday morning, I bring in two hair models and have been working my way through a series of classes. So far, I have learned the salon’s techniques for coloring and highlighting hair and now I am working on a sequence of haircuts. I started out with the blunt cut, worked my way through the bob, and have now moved on to graduated bobs! This is my first week doing this haircut and I am slightly nervous! (Don’t tell my model!) The other stylists have warned me the graduated bob is one of the hardest haircuts to master…so I will keep you posted as to how I do!

            I am learning so much at Modele, not only in class but also through observing the other stylists. Every single one of them has never hesitated to answer any of my questions and always goes out of their way to help me learn. Oh, and the clients are pretty awesome too! I am so looking forward to finishing out the apprentice program and becoming a full time stylist!

            I hope everyone is having a great week and thanks for reading this!