Modele Salon

Modele Salon opened its doors in September 2005, with a team of fashionable, educated stylists. We opened Modele in the Historic downtown neighborhood of Oregon City, bringing an urban chic environment to the outlying Portland Communities which led us to this charming area.

Brittany Jenkins


Brittany has been with Modele since the doors opened in 2005. Originally from Southern Oregon Coast, she is now a permanent fixture in the Portland Metro area. Brittany has been slicing her way through hair for 15 years and loves the process from start to finish. Most would classify her as a "talker" so she is great at consulting, and always has a direction she likes to take her clients. She has had extensive training and loves to let everyone know it!


One of our newest style mavens.

Nicole Roshak

Nicole Roshak

Cindra Davis


All stylists at Modele go through an apprenticeship before they are unleashed to the general public.  Cindra was an exceptional assistant!  A great assistant in our apprenticeship program is sure to make for a great hairstylist!  She has not disappointed us yet!  With several years under her belt, Cindra is on her way to greatness.  Cindra is meticulous in her consultation and color formulation, and takes pride in establishing good relationships with her clients.  Fun facts about Cindra is that she loves hip hop dance, she’s a huge duck fan, and those pearly whites have never seen the sight of braces!  In her free time, she loves spending time with her hubby and cat Bob, and finding new GF places to eat!!  


Shannon joined Modele in 2010. She works behind the chair full time, dropping her cool factor all over the place. Shannon is a very easy going personality and loves quality time with her love Ludwig, a 3 year old boxer. With her urban style and Portland roots, she adds a bit of edge to Modele. She is our resident hipster.

Shannon Becerek

Michelle Ketchum

Michelle K.

While raised in Oregon City, Michelle grew up inside the walls of Modele. At nineteen, she was a receptionist on opening day in 2005. We quickly realized her talents lay elsewhere. With 9 years behind the chair, Michelle has become a steady fixture of consistency, ingenuity, and her talents are apparent from the consultation to the last pump of product.


Johnny comes to us from sunny California.  Being raised between California and the Pacific Northwest, Johnny is a chameleon; he blends to his surroundings, and seems like he’s a “local” wherever he goes.  He started his career in the dorms of his college; cutting anyone’s hair brave enough to let him.  Modele made an honest man out of him, and we are proud to announce he completed his apprenticeship program.  We like to give Johnny a hard time, but the truth is not many guys could put up with 11 women everyday, and still be smiling at the end of it!  We think we are all kinds of cool having a guy work in the salon, but shhhh.....don’t tell him that!


Johnny Martinusen

Shawna Hanks


Modele Salon opened its doors in 2005 and the salon’s success is due in large to the dynamic personality that owns it. Shawna is an extremely talented stylist with an impeccable eye for fashion. She is witty and warm and has a magnetic quality to her. You can’t help but want to be around her. With her skills spanning 20 years, she truly is a master behind the chair. She divides her time behind the chair, with teaching our apprenticeship program, and running the business.  She is truly inspiring.


Chelsea recently completed her apprenticeship, and we just know she’s the dark horse of the whole bunch!  She’s sweet, poised, easy going, and of course real easy on the eyes!  Beauty and the brains; Chelsea pursued cosmetology school after finishing her Bachelors in Marketing from Oregon State University.  Don’t worry, we only torture her a little for being a beaver!   We know once she comes out of her shell, we probably will all wish she’d get back in it!  In all seriousness, Chelsea is extremely talented, with an eye for precision.  If you think we’re kidding, check out her eyebrows!!


Chelsea Moore

Kaitlyn Lakey

Kaitlyn Lakey


We are super excited to announce Kaitlyn's recent arrival.


Wow, 2 great stylists with the same name. Who'd of thought? A new member of our Modele team Raechel brings top notch skills to the job.

Raechel Schimpf

Raechel Schimpf

Rachel Baker

Rachel Baker


With a smile that is infectious, Rachel brings joy and light into the salon as one of our latest stylists.


Our goddess of keeping everything running smoothly. Appointments, check-out, coffee and endless smiles are Crystal's specialty.

Crystal Mannen